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M2000 Staircase has got a self-supporting lateral framework consisting of single modular elements in varnished or satin stainless steel.
Its modules are assembled by fixing horizontal arms that make the right static conditions for a reticular framework in addition to host the step itself.
Through appropriate calendaring, it is possible to obtain rounded stairs exactly as we wish. Particular slabs permit the connection of the straight flights to the circular ones.
It includes floor fixing, intermediate glazing bars and fixing to the final attic stretch.


Wooden or glass STEP

Closed RISE, available on request

RAILING of your choice amongst R2000/R2001/R2002 models or it may be customized on request according to the customer’s needs.

Standard EUROPEAN WOODS: Beechwood, Oak, Ash, Maple, Larch.

FJ whole or slatted Stave. Other kinds of European or exotic woods are available on request.